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Fire Pits - Commercial Photographer

I recently had an opportunity to work with a wonderful duo, who design and build bespoke fire pits that also double up as beautiful art deco pieces for your garden.

Now despite having shot quite a bit of product photography, I've never photographed a fire pit before. But I was very keen for the challenge and quite frankly, after seeing the 3 different pit products in person, I couldn't wait to get creative.

Commercial Photography. A lit fire pit on location.

The brief was to create a series of visual assets for the company website; product shots, lifestyle imagery, and some cool backup content taken in the owners workshop (which was really cool may I add!). What I loved most about this brief was the trust and creative freedom the client gave me. They also wanted the visuals to have a moody aesthetic to match the company's brand identity - and boy do I love moody edits!

Here is a small selection of images from the workshop:

As part of my work as a commercial photographer, I make sure to put an emphasis on the businesses main values and ethos. For me I think it was clear that this is high grade craftsmanship, accompanied by intricate planning and seamless execution of the products.

The products in a garden setting:

I love commercial photography as it not only allows me to work with some incredible brands and people, but it challenges my creative thought process. It lets me ponder how I can incorporate brand values without directly alluding to them.

This shoot was a lot of fun and I would like to express my thanks to the wonderful team who helped make it happen (if they happen to be reading this - I doubt it!).

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