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My Best Drone Photograph of 2023

Drone Photography of water buffalo on the beach in Indonesia

Whilst travelling in Indonesia during June 2023, I had a very special opportunity to stay at The Sanubari Resort on Sumba Island.

This is a barefoot, luxury beach resort consisting of only 6 waterfront villas with unspoilt views out towards the Indian Ocean. This means that the amount of guests staying at the resort can be very limited... which is great news!

And to top it off, the local herd of water buffalo regularly stroll along the white sands, directly infront of the villas (as picture to the left). Of course this makes for some truly special snaps on the camera and even more so, the drone.

Having said that, the buffalo seem to move quickly as they aimlessly wander down the coastline. You can imagine the adrenaline kick in as soon as I spotted them; snatching my camera out of the bag and sprinting down to the waterfront.

Photography of water buffalo on the beach in Indonesia

The buffalo only came out twice during our 4 night stay, and quite frankly the first time I spotted them all I had was my Canon R6 II with a battery on about 13% charge left. So photographing these amazing animals was a bit of a task. I was worried that I didn't get THE image and continued to pray that they would make another appearance.

It wasn't until the morning we were about to embark on the 2 hour transfer back to the airport that I noticed the herd appearing from the back fields once more. I knew I had to mix it up. I had been dreaming about some drone photography of the herd ever since they appeared on round one. So it was go time and I was determined not to miss the aerial shot.

So without further ado... my personal favourite drone photograph of 2023:

Drone photography of water buffalo on the beach in Indonesia

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