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All images taken by the young carers. I think they all nailed it!

A couple of top tips to keep in mind:

- The best camera is the one you have on you.

- Lighting is everything! Both natural and artificial (indoor) lighting can be great for different reasons. My personal favourite lighting is during 'Golden Hour' (1 hour before the sunsets until the sunset). Here you get beautiful golden colours and a much softer light.

- The best way to improve your photography is to take lots & lots of photos. Think about what story you are trying to tell with every snap you take. You can never take too many photographs.

- Think about your angle (framing) - remember that depending on the height of the camera, the distance the camera is from the subject, and what side you decide to take the photo from, the result can vary massively. Perspective is equally as important as the lighting you chose to use.

- Use your foreground (the bottom third of the photo - usually the bit nearest to the camera when taking a photo) carefully. What you decide to put in this area of the image can help to attract attention to the photo. But clutter it too much and it may distract.

- Experiment with editing the photo. Play with filters and effects to see how you can alter the original picture.

- Have fun with it. There is truly no right or wrong way to take a photo. So be creative. Be unique. 

Happy snapping and I hope to see you at another workshop in the future!

Portrait of the owner in a hotel in Thailand

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