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5 Easy Marketing Tips for your Photography Business in 2024

With the endless social media sites available, marketing your photography services in 2024 can be daunting. Here's 5 bitesize tips to help 'expose' your photography business online and generate more clients!

Group photo at a social event.

As an event and architectural photographer, I can relate to the struggle of trying to grow your photography business. Many believe they have to find such a specific niche to stand out amongst the saturated market of photographers in the UK. But this isn't always the case.

1.Expand your creative network

So often I see creatives competing against each other to 'win' the client over. However, some of the largest (and best paid) projects I have worked on are through other like-minded photographers within the same industry as me. The high ticket clients have the budget to use multiple photographers on campaigns, and rightly so - when have 2,3,4 or more brains ever delivered a worse service than 1 individual?

Reach out to local creatives in your industry. Support their work, engage with their online publications and get a discussion underway; you just never know what opportunity it could lead to.

Lady laughing at a corporate event

2.Nail your digital portfolio

This may sound like a given, but it really is the main representation of your work and what you can do. Be super selective with the images you chose to share on your main website. At the end of the day, these images are what will stand you apart from the rest of the photographer options.

Take time in post-production. Develop your style and hone in on what you are trying to say with your work. For me personally, all my event photography is captured and processed to ensure it is nothing like anything the client has previously seen. I play with hues and contrast far more than I probably should but hey! It would be boring if we all did the same thing and had the same likes in life.

People cheers at a university event

3.TikTok is your friend

The simplest videos have millions of views, trends populate brand new accounts to a wider audience, and you can link your 'professional' portfolio to any video you post... what's not to like?

Now you may be like me and hate the idea of talking to the camera and putting on a persona that is far from who you are and what your business is about. But you really don't need too. There are multiple photography videos on my FYP (For You Page = TikTok Homepage) that have over 500,000 views, consisting of the photographer flexing his/her camera to the audience and then montaging all their recent work straight after on a slideshow type effect. They pair it with some trending sound effect or music and away they go...

Look I'll show you exactly what I mean here:

Video Credit: Asa Steinars (@asasteinars on TikTok). Video has 539k views (as of Feb 2024)

4.Set up your services on Google & get reviewed through it

I use Google Maps for everything and us creatives tend to rank higher on local Google searches when our businesses are linked through the Google Business platform. It's almost a bit of a cheat code for local SEO!

Google business profile example of event photographer

Reviews on Google can easily be linked to your website (no matter what website builder platform you use), and act as easily findable testimonials amongst common Google searches. Build up those reviews and you'll find many people gain quick trust and confidence in your services.

Optimise 'Google My Business' with accurate and informative details on how you operate, the services you provide, and the demonstrable work you can showcase. This will surely shoot you up that Google list!

Writing in a notebook at an event conference

5.Get Bloggin'

To most this seems like a waste of time. To me, it can only aid the traffic to my site and the outward reach I get. Who knows, people may then have a quick glance over my work.

Blog on topics within your specialist field that your clients would be interested in reading about. Get those key words in to help boost your web SEO, create interesting thoughts and new perspectives, and you never know... you might just begin to watch your lead generation flow.

It takes up to an hour at most to create a simple and easily digestible blog post. If you're able to spare that time each week, it'll really pay off in the long run. Now you can understand why I've put together this list!

Man listening to keynote speaker at an event conference


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